Profiles in Leadership: HOOP- Helping Out Our Peers

By Jianhong Zhou, CEO/Founder of HOOP

HOOP: The Anonymous & Safe Support Company


I never imagined that I could have joined Toastmasters, if I had not started HOOP.

I never planned to started HOOP, if I had found a good job after I came to the US.

I never dreamed of coming to the US for a Degree in Psychology, if my friend did not commit suicide and my IBM job was as good as before.

There are many stories behind what pushed me into the person I am today, the cofounder of HOOP, a tech startup aiming to build a more supportive world.

Do you have moments when you feel tired, lonely, not being listened to, or just sad?

Do you have moments when you feel you have a dream but you are unable to start?

As a Toastmaster, do you have a moment that you are scared, want to give up, or just feel that it is too difficult?

You are not alone in this world, and there are billions of people like you and me who share similar feelings as the above at some times of our lives.

Those tough times actually are our rare growth opportunity if we have a good support environment. 

I thought I would quit after one or two sessions from Toastmasters. Unfortunately, I joined a damn good club with some guys who are able to bring a lot of fun and support to help peer toastmasters like me. I like this club, and I am still here.

HOOP is the system with similar ideas as Toastmasters. Everyone, regardless of race, nationality, political orientation, rich or poor, religion, will be treated equally here as an anonymous person who needs help and who provide help.

Like in Toastmasters club – the more you practice speaking and the more objective feedback you receive, the more you may thrive in public speaking – HOOP is founded with the similar evidence-based principle: the more your write, the more unbiased feedback you receive, and the more supportive feedback you provide to your peers, you will become a better person.

Join HOOP today to Help Out Our Peers at




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